Do you have a child in High School? Would you like them to spend more time doing something beneficial and less time playing video games, watching tv or on their phone? Fundraisers for kids can be both educational and a chance to spend a little extra time with your oh so busy teenager. With most School districts leaving little to no budget funds available to school sports, activity clubs or Senior Year events. Why not help organize a school fundraiser? Fundraising can be a great way to teach teens how to earn funds for their passions in life whether that be Football, Swimming, Science club or School Dances.


Here are just a few unique creative ideas for fundraising within your High School.


Candy Grams

Everyone loves the holiday seasons. Candy grams are a fun and simple way to spread cheer around the school for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentines for example. This is a fun way for High School teens to get creative and brainstorm ideas for the perfect clever message design and pair it with a little sweet treat. Have your student council deliver near the date during homeroom.

Shoe Drive

Angel Bins has a program where we pay for your used athletic/gym shoes. Yes, you heard correctly we will pay for your used shoes. Back to school clean out your closet event, Spring cleaning event or an end of the year event. All you have to do it get the entire school involved. On average a High School has about 500+ students if each student brought in a minimum of two pairs of shoes that is already 1,000 pairs of shoes. Angel Bins will pay your school by the lbs for your shoes. We are dedicated to making a School Fundraiser with a Shoe drive as easy as possible.


Everyone loves the idea of having a chance to win a prize. With a small ticket fee per entry for a chance to win a bigger prize. Raffle prizes can be something as simple as a gift card to a local favorite hang out spot or the kids and come up with their own unique ideas such as a free homework pass. Let the students be involved in deciding the raffle prize as they would be the best insight on what would sell the most tickets.

Car Wash

This has been done with so many school but still a go to. This will take some supplies but can be used for multiple Car washes through the school year. Plan a car wash in your school parking lot. Your school may have rules for this However in our experience they may be willing to make exception for a fundraiser. Parents are always trying to get their teens to wash their car so I’m sure so many parents will be more than happy to show up get their car washed and help raise money for their local High school.

Coffee & Donuts

Who hasn’t been running late at least one morning and skipped breakfast? Students, Teachers, Staff and even parents can grab a quick coffee and donut on the go. This is a quick and easy fundraiser that students can organize maybe once a month. Having a good fundraising that can be done on a regular basic is a good option for schools. As it keeps the students involved and money is earned monthly towards the goals.

Pie Face

Pie Face – Let’s get all the staff involved in the school fundraiser with a pie to the face by the students. Create a voting poll and the top ten Teachers or staff members voted with be the target. Students can purchase tickets for their name to be entered in a drawing to be the one to throw the pie. Students will have fun with this one. The event can take place during your next school assembly or Back to school night.

Yard Sale

This will probably take getting both the city and school to approve but I’m sure they wouldn’t turn down a fundraiser for kids. Make posters around the community advertising the date it will take place. Send memes with students and your local businesses for donations of ideas. Clean up time students, families and businesses can donate ideas for your yard sale and since it is donation its all profit for your school.


Tutoring – pair up with your local Elementary school or Middle School and donate a few hours a week of your time for tutoring. Make flyers for the parents of the younger kids that for a small fee you can tutor the kids in subjects they may be struggling with twice a week for an hour a day.

Bake Sale

Bake Sale – A good old fashion bake sale is always a good way to earn money for your school. Students are always willing to show off their baking skills so how about making a little cash off that and sweeten up they day.

Endless Possibilities

The point is there are endless ways to raise a little extra cash for your school. Fundraising can be fun and a great way to get students together and active. What are some fundraiser ideas that have been successful in your local High School?