Coming up with fundraiser ideas for school is a time-honored tradition. In fact, schools fundraise over $1.5 billion every year. Fundraising helps to provide ‘extras’ for school. A successful fundraiser can help fund everything from new books to field trips and even extra-curricular activities. Besides, both students and parents love being involved in helping their school.

However, coming up with creative and engaging fundraising ideas to gather supporters can be challenging. Think about it! Your donor base includes a diverse mix of people, such as students, parents, community leaders, teachers, etc. That’s a huge crowd with many different voices to consider.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to raise money for your school. From organizing bake sales, holding raffles, to holding donation drives, here are a few fun and creative fundraiser ideas for school:

  1. Sports Day

Everyone loves competition and challenges. There’s no place better to enjoy both than at a school sports day event. At your school, organize a day where there are lots of sports and games. Include activities for children of all ages. The day can include a variety of challenges such as an obstacle course, balloon toss, egg and spoon race, a basketball game, tug-of-war, volleyball tournament, etc. You can raise funds for the school by charging admission fees to spectators and selling school and sports day merchandise. You may also set up a concession stand with drinks and snacks to maximize your fundraising drive. Organizing a sports day is an enjoyable fundraising idea for school.

  1. Yard Sale

Everyone loves shopping! There’s nothing more exciting than finding an item at a considerable discount. Hosting a schoolyard sale is a great way to get everyone involved. Request parents, students, staff, and faculty to donate their mildly used items. These items can be anything like lamps, books, furniture, DVDs, toys, games, coats, cooking implements, etc. Yard sale appeals to people of all ages, which is what makes these good fundraiser ideas for schools. The key to a successful yard sale fundraising campaign is promotion, so endorse the event like crazy!

  1. Car Wash

Everyone gets a car wash at least once a month. Why not get your car washed at the next school car wash fundraiser? This event is effortless to run. Simply set up a washing station on your schoolyard. Gather essential car wash items through donations from local vendors, garages, car showrooms, etc. Create a list of student, parent, and staff volunteers. Promote your event. You can set up two or more washing stations to maximize your fundraising efforts. A car wash is one of the easiest fundraiser ideas for schools to set up and operate.

  1. Scrabble Tournament

A scrabble tournament is a great fundraising idea to get people of all ages to participate. It’s literally a war of words! In this event, individual players have to pay a small fee to participate. Each time a player has to consult a dictionary for assistance, they need to make additional donations. To get people even more excited, host a Scrabble tournament where the school principal and teachers are competing against students. You may generate additional funds by organizing raffles, selling refreshments, and school merchandise. This will be a memorable fundraiser for the school.

  1. Shoe Drive

A shoe drive fundraiser is not only a unique but effective fundraising idea. It encourages people of all ages to participate. Apart from donating, collecting gently used/worn shoes teaches the entire school community about the value of global philanthropy. To set up your school shoe drive, place collection bins around the school. Promote the event through your school website, Facebook page, social media, flyers, etc. To make this a fun event, turn this into a competitive fundraiser idea. The student or student group that collects the most shoes wins a prize, a pizza party, and free movie passes, etc. For maximum results, consider holding the shoe drive in August and September. That’s when parents and students become involved in back-to-school shopping.

It’s a fact that kids grow out of their shoes and clothes very quickly. Why not donate these items to a company that transforms gently used shoes and clothing and gives it back to the global community? In return, your school is awarded a donation! It’s a win-win situation for all.

Fundraising for school is one of the leading ways many educational institutions raise funds for their programs. Yard sales, sports day, scrabble tournaments, shoe drives, and car washes are just a few successful fundraiser ideas for school.

Angel Bins can help your school, college, institution raises necessary funds through our shoe and clothing drives. In fact, our average shoe drive fundraiser can raise up to $1,000 or more. Organizing a shoe drive is a great way to give back to your school and the global community. It’s also an environmentally sustainable way to achieve positive results. To set up your school fundraiser today, give us a call or complete our contact form.