Do you think about ideas for fundraisers for kids? Do you want to get kids and their families involved in your fundraising campaign? Do you want to create a memorable fundraising event that instills values of generosity, community involvement, and volunteerism?

Whether you’re raising funds for an environmental cause, hospital, community center, or pet shelter, generating the necessary funds may seem unattainable.

However, with a dash of creativity, a dollop of inspiration, and generous spoonfuls of hard work, you can quickly attain your fundraising target. The key is to come up with fast fundraising ideas for schools that are innovative yet fun-filled. Your event should encourage kids’ involvement while raising awareness for the cause at the same time.

For profitable yet motivating ideas for fundraisers for kids, consider the following:

1. Race Day

Race Day - Kids Fundraising Ideas

There’s nothing like a day filled with a friendly competition to get the fun rolling. Organize a race day for kids that is also age-appropriate. You can host a series of different races such as a sack race, egg and spoon race, skipping race, etc. For very young kids such as those in nursery and kindergarten, host a hula hoop race. The child has to step into a hula hoop laid out in front of them. They must pick it up with both hands and lift it above their heads and bring it over and in front. The child must do this repetitively until they reach the finish line.

For children in grades 1 through 5, you can hold a bouncing basketball race. The child has to bounce a basketball while running at the same time. These are unique and fast fundraising ideas for school kids that will surely make them laugh and play.

Like a regular sports event, you can raise funds through admission tickets and by also setting up a snack and refreshment stand.

2. Shoe Drive

Host shoe fundraisers for kids where you request families to clean out their shoe closets! In particular, children outgrow their shoes very quickly, so it’s highly likely that many families have a huge stash.

You may promote this event through social media, emails, instant messaging, the school app, etc. In your promotional messages, don’t forget to mention the organization’s details where these donations will be sent. It’s important to include a blurb about how the organization will use the donation. For example, Angel Bins refurbishes donated shoes and ships them to people in countries where footwear is expensive and unattainable. Be sure to also state where the donation can be dropped off, the timing, the quality of shoes, etc.

Organize a team of volunteers- including both kids and adults, to help you sort through the donations. What’s special about this type of fundraiser is that it is environmentally and socially friendly. It also helps families declutter their homes.

3. Talent Show

Present a talent show at your next fundraisers for kids. This is an excellent way to showcase the kids’ interests and talents. Recruit children with an array of different talents, such as singing, dancing, playing music, etc. Don’t forget to seek out those one-of-a-kind talents as well as magicians, stand-up comedians, jugglers, etc. Once you’ve gathered together a list of eager performers, advertise this charity event through various mediums such as social media, instant messages, messages through the school app, etc.

For the talent show event, you can not only sell tickets but snacks and concessions as well. You may also consider selling small gift items, mementos, etc. Don’t forget to include an introduction describing your cause and the organization you’re supporting. Ensure your program is distributed well so that your audience is getting an entertainment mix.

4. Spelling Bee Event

Spelling is a classic yet fast fundraising ideas for school kids. This is a fun charity even that doesn’t require a lot of preparation. All you need is some clever marketing, a venue to host your spelling bee event, and some eager participants.

Enlist children of all ages to take part in this program. You can host it in many ways. For instance, you can get kids to spell out the answers, write them on paper or on the board. You may also theme each spelling bee round, i.e., words taken from a specific topic.

At this event, you can raise money by selling tickets, snacks, and concessions.

5. Birthday Party Fundraiser

This type of fundraiser for kids makes the most out of gift-giving. You simply have to host a traditional birthday with a cake, games, prizes, etc. The twist is that instead of bringing gifts for the birthday boy or girl, request guests to donate their shoes. Have them clean and pack their unwanted shoes before they bring them to the party. This is a great way to encourage children to give to those who are less fortunate. Be sure to mention your request directly on the birthday invite.

At the party, appoint someone to drop off this collection of shoes to the charitable organization.

Angel Bins collect used shoes and clothing and prevent them from ending up in landfills. These items are washed, sewn, and re-packed before they’re sent to third world countries.