Besides the most obvious of the shoe drive benefits, the money earned, there are other non-monetary benefits that coaches, scoutmasters, pastors, parents, and teachers tell us about repeatedly. It’s not like individual organizations are raising millions of dollars collecting new and gently worn shoes. Many of the people doing these drives are from affluent neighborhoods, where any number of people would be more than willing and able to simply write a check.  So if the money isn’t a huge issue, why do churches, sports teams, scouts, PTA’s, boosters, and charities go to the trouble to do a shoe drive?


Here are 4 reasons they tell us about:

1)  The Team Building and Strengthening Shoe Drive Benefits

Team Building - Athletic Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Coaches tend to love Athletic Shoe Drives. Not only because they’re the most lucrative and are a great way to help fund various things like their uniforms, away game expenses, and refreshments. More so because they can bring a team full of athletes, young and old, who don’t know each other, closer together. They strategize together to figure out the best ways to collect shoes from their communities. They coordinate together to implement their strategies. They labor hands-on together to sort, count, and package their donations. All the while the team members are learning how to work with each other both on and off the field.

This also applies to other organizations that utilize shoe drive fundraisers:  PTA/PTO’s find that the teachers and parents develop stronger bonds with each other. Therefor being more effective in facilitating the best educational environment for their kids. Churches love shoe drives because it strengthens the togetherness of their congregations. Scouting groups are big on teaching kids the value of teamwork, and shoe drives are just another avenue for that.

2) The Benefit of Connecting People to the Local Community

Local Community - Shoe Drive Fundraiser

In this era of screens, social media, video games, and streaming getting people, to get outside and engage with people face to face can be difficult. But if they have a mission behind it, it tends to be a bit easier! Humans require face to face interactions, community and a sense of belonging. Our digital avenues can only go so far in that area. Getting young people out and about to engage with their community gets them away from their screens and out engaging with humans. As a bonus, it will also spread the word about their organization to the local community!

3) The Benefits of Volunteerism & Helping the Less Advantaged

Reselling Shoes

This one of the most valuable shoe drive benefits, indeed. In developing nations, survival is rough. People are doing whatever they can to make an honest living and feed their families. Many of them turn to selling goods in their local marketplaces to put food on the table. Ironically huge amounts of these goods are things that sit in our closets and collect dust. Angel Bins takes your shoes and sends them to micro-entrepreneurs in Africa and South America! (Learn more here!)

Generous donations to shoe drives from communities all over the continental United States, supply developing nations. Doing your part to help those without the privileges and luxuries you may have, is a rewarding feeling in and of itself. Teaching people of all ages to do a good deed for someone they don’t even know is the main idea behind churches, temples, mosques, scouts, and more. What better way to promote global citizenship?

4) The Benefits of No Selling or Asking for Money

This one of those shoe drive benefits that many don’t think about. A father last week told us here at Angel Bins that what he loves most about the shoe drive for his son’s Hockey Team.  His son isn’t constantly turned down by neighbors when he’s asking for money by selling chocolate or magazine subscriptions. It makes perfect sense! How many times outside of a grocery store have you turned down Girl Scout cookies because you’re watching your weight? Do you really NEED a magazine subscription when everything’s online? If a child came to your door trying to sell you one would you buy it? Probably not. Now imagine how many negative answers a kid would get trying to sell such things. How that must make them feel? It wouldn’t exactly make them feel like they’re doing much good for their organization.

Now take a moment to think about what’s in your closet. Do you have a pair of shoes you rarely or never wear that are in decent shape? If someone came to your door asking for them to help a good cause, would you turn them away? Probably not.

In summary, the reasons people do shoe drives aren’t just about the money they will make, it’s about the positive impact it has on the individual, the organization/team, the community, and the world! Learn more about how you can facilitate a shoe drive fundraiser now, and click this link!