Christmas is a time of love, caring, sharing, and giving. There is no better time to run your final fundraiser for the year than Christmas. Bear in mind that there are a lot of creative ideas you could use for Christmas fundraising. Goodbye to racking your brain endlessly for fundraising ideas, learn 20 Christmas fundraising ideas:
A lot of these ideas involve games where you charge a fee per play others include; dinners, photo booths, and many more.

  1. Find Santa or Look for Santa
    This fundraising idea is a game where people guess where Santa is hiding. Use tins and boxes to decorate a chimney, place them in a container of fake snow and then hide a Santa toy under the decorated chimneys and have people find Santa. You could make this more fun by putting consolation prices on non-winning chimneys.
  2. Six Socks
    Set up a cloth line and hang six different colors and patterns of socks on the line. Get some cheap toys and put them in each sock. Allow kids to feel the socks and choose, and they can keep whatever content of the socks they choose.
  3. Golden Cracker
    This fundraising idea is excellent for a Christmas dinner. The good thing about it is you don’t have to spend much! All you need are boxes of crackers. Try to pull the end of some of the crackers just enough to slip a winning golden ticket into it.
  4. Christmas Bowling
    Raise funds through Christmas bowling by charging a fee to play the game. For this idea, you need pin bowling with Christmas themes. Decorate ten pins with festive images, and whoever knocks down all ten pins in 2 bowls wins a prize.
  5. Snowball Throw
    Draw a snowman on a cardboard and cut it out, cut a hole for the mouth, and a hole for the tummy. Throw small bean bags or anything that can represent a snowball to get it through the holes. Charge a fee per throw.
  6. Christmas Photo Booth
    Hire a photo booth and charge an amount for pictures to be taken. This fundraising idea always wins.
  7. Christmas Bake Stall
    There is an endless list of baking ideas for Christmas. From traditional fruit mince pies to Christmas fruit cakes, you are certainly going to raise enormous funds from this one.
  8. Santa Hat Toss
    Create Santa hats from brightly colored cardboard and cotton balls. Set them up at different spaces for people to throw rings to land on the hats and win a prize.
  9. Letters to Santa
    Set up a post box so that kids can write a letter to Santa and post it. Parents would have to pay ahead or on the same day for the kids to receive a return letter from Santa.
  10. Ring Rudolph’s Nose
    Paint a picture of Rudolph’s head on a sheet and have a large hole screwed into his nose, charge people to throw rings to hook them on the nose, and win a prize. This fundraising idea will be loved by teens.
  11. Breakfast with Santa
    This one is perfect fundraising idea for kindergartens and primary schools. Have people pay a small fee to dine with Santa.
  12. Family Photo Day
    Photos and family portraits are perfect Christmas presents, so why not create precious memories at a charge. This fundraising idea can fetch you so much more.
  13. Gift Wrapping Stall
    Set up a wrapping stall at school or home combined with Christmas stall. You may have a range of gift tags and ribbons, charge a fee per item, or make it a donation.
  14. Christmas Raffles
    Set up raffles, and for Christmas sake, theme your prices. You could offer hampers, Christmas food hampers, Christmas decoration hamper as prices. Everyone who draws a raffle pays a fee.
  15. Christmas Cards
    Christmas Cards are win-win, you would not only raise money by fundraising, but your supporters will receive beautiful cards for their families. This is one of the great fundraising idea.
  16. Santa’s Cave
    Decorate Santa’s grotto and charge an entry fee for kids to see Santa and receive a gift. Children love Santa; hence, this fundraising idea would get their attention.
  17. Story time with Santa
    Like Santa’s cave, set up session times for a limited number of kids to come and listen to Santa read a story, charge entry fee per child.
  18. Guess the Weight of the Cake
    You’ll need a Christmas pudding or Christmas fruitcake for this. Charge per guess and the correct guess gets a prize.
  19. Carols by Candle Night
    This fundraising idea can stand alone or have side attractions such as photos with Santa and can provide extra revenues.
  20. Find the Lucky Stocking
    Like a square game, draw squares in a sheet and have Christmas stocking instead of numbers in the squares. People would pay to pick a stocking and write their name on the square. Like the other exciting game ideas, this fundraising idea for Christmas would attract friends, family, and yield plenty of returns.

Thinking of ways to organize the best fundraiser to raise big money? Reach out to our Angel Bins team and let us help you take that next big step. Happy Christmas, Happy Fundraising!