Angel Bins has helped schools and non profits raise $2 Million Dollars!!!

“It’s amazing that collecting unwanted shoes could do so much good.”

Founded in April 2012 as a unique fundraising program we have reached a major milestone having

generated over 2 million dollars for schools and non profit causes! Nevertheless, fundraising through shoe drives is a great solution. With nothing to buy, and nothing to sell, our non profit partners simply ask their supporters to clean out their closet donating shoes they no longer want in support of their cause. In addition, Angel Bins issues a check paying the non profit per pound.

It all began when the owner of a Los Angeles textile recycling warehouse envisioned a better option for fast fundraising ideas for school. Murtaza Haji’s business, Samiyatex, had been purchasing surplus from thrift shops for over 20 years: Why not offer the same to schools? Soon Angel Bins, was established as the company’s philanthropic branch, and began offering no cost recycling fundraisers.

Facts About Angel Bins

We are passionate about making a difference. Funds raised are just the first ripple of benefits:

  • Angel Bins has helped organizations raise $2,023,682.67!!!
  • The shoes are re-distributed in Africa and South America where they create thousands of jobs for micro-entrepreneurs who resell them as a means if supporting their families.
  • Low cost and good quality footwear becomes available in communities with few resources, and rough roads.
  • Angel bins has diverted 6,306,196 pounds from being discarded in landfills benefiting the planet!!!
  • Jobs are created in the US and abroad.

The Angel Bins team is very proud of this achievement, but we know its only the beginning. Furthermore, We work with schools, scouts, sports teams, churches, adoption fundraisers, military/veterans organizations, run/walk teams, clubs, PTA, animal rescue shelters, medical fundraisers, CADA, camps, missionaries, marching bands, robotics teams, and more.Moreover, there are countless organizations that can benefit from Angel Bins free and eco friendly shoe drive fundraisers.

This is a major milestone and reason to celebrate! We could not have reached this success without the efforts of each and every one of the amazing programs and people we have worked with. ~“THANK YOU!”

You can join the celebration when you contact us this month (April 2018) to schedule your next shoe drive fundraise. In addition, we want to thank you by offering you a gift of an additional 5 cents per pound. Contact us today to let us know you read this blog and would like to help us celebrate! We want to help you host the best fundraiser ever!