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Who We Are

about angelbins

Angel Bins is a for-profit recycling company that helps schools and other charitable organizations raise money through the recycling of everyday items.

Angel Bins was created as a common sense solution of diverting billions of pounds of textile waste from our landfills by helping non-profits and local charities raise money for their programs through a collection drive or through the placement of collection receptacles we refer to as "Angel Bins."

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Host a Shoe/
Clothing Drive

Clothing Shoe Drive

Hosting a Shoe Drive and/or a Clothing Drive with Angel Bins is the fastest and easiest way to raise money for your favorite school or charity.

Angel Bins will help you organize a quick and easy fundraiser and will share with you our best practices to help you raise the most money. All Angel Bins trucks are equipped with a state-of-the-art portable scale which allows us to provide you with your total fundraised amounts on the spot!

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Host An
Angel Bin

Host a bin

Hosting an Angel Bin is the best way to generate recurring income for your school or charity, every single year.

On your hosted Angel Bins, we proudly display your organization's logo so that donors know the cause they are supporting.

Angel Bins maintains responsibility for the cost, maintenance and servicing of all of the Angel Bins you host!

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Fill A

Fill a truck

Filling an Angel Bin truck with Clothing and Shoes is an ideal fundraising option for very large non-profit organizations, schools or clubs.

The Fill A Truck program allows Angel Bins to collect and recycle as many goods as possible and at the same time help our charitable partners raise money for their programs.

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Host an
Angel Box

Fill a truck

Angel Bins is excited to announce our newest fundraising option!- We now offer an Angel Box Shoe Drive Fundraiser.

This program has been designed for organizations in the 48 continuous US states that are not in our local service area and are unable to commit to filling a truck.

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  • Angel Bins donates a generous amount of the proceeds from your donations directly to a local school or charitable organization.
  • Angel Bins recycles your donations in a variety of ways.
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  • Angel Bins costs you nothing: Our nonprofit and charitable partners are not required to buy or sell anything!
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